So, just who are the Vegan Vagabonds?

BobaLou Vegan Vagabonds

The Vegan Vagabonds are Lou-Anne Hooper and Bob Fox. Affectionately known to our friends as "BobaLou".

Bob does most of the behind-the-scenes stuff like pictures, videos, etc., and I engage in the writing and the standing out in the front as the consultant to my clients.

Bob and I have been vegans for eight years now and have traveled together for just shy of 30 years.. We ride Harleys and thus the reason for the two gnomes we have representing the company - Vegan Vagabonds. 

We share our home with BOKi (Big Orange Kitty) 


Seizing Control 

Many of you might relate to this as our journey into the land of veganism began with my health issues. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, the threat of diabetes and partaking of dangerous drugs with deadly side effects.

I remember sitting in my doctor's office one cold March morning almost seven years ago, being handed a renewed prescription for an increase in my statin medication. As I reached out for the piece of paper, I heard my doctor say, "You know, you will be on cholesterol medication for the rest of your life!" Well, I can tell you, it was like a cold blast of air had struck me in the face! I walked out of her office full of anxiety, but also a new resolve. I told myself, "Enough is enough!" I had to start taking more control of my life and my health. Paying more attention to what was going into my system. Bob, being the wonderful, supportive husband he is, joined me on the journey.

It was not only health issues that spurred me into action. I had always had a love of animals, but never really wanted to know the tortuous existence they had to endure to land on my plate, or what was in them that was now in me as a result of eating them.

I watched some powerful documentaries that opened my eyes to the plight of animals and to what I was ingesting, e.g. "Forks over Knives", "GMOs Revealed".

So, after copious hours of searching the internet and researching books for pertinent information (which equated to a whole lot of time and money for me), I pulled it altogether to develop a lifestyle for Bob and myself that we could maintain.

There were situations that we had to face and to overcome - entertaining at home, going to parties, eating in restaurants, answering probing questions from family, friends and colleagues, traveling. 

Was it easy? Not always! Did we falter along the way? Of course we did - but we stuck it out and we have never looked back.


Light Bulb Moment!

Once I got our own house in order, I kept thinking that I needed to be doing something to help others travel this road and that there must be a better way - one that was not so time consuming and overwhelming; one that was not so intimidating and helped people know where to start.

I've had my own consulting business for 20 years in the marketing field with a bend towards helping charities raise funds for their missions. A worthwhile endeavour to be sure and one I'm very proud of, but I wanted to get more "up close and personal" with people.

One day I was speaking with a colleague about veganism and she casually said, "Wouldn't it be nice if there was a "starter kit" kind of course for people who are new to this lifestyle." FLASH! On went the light bulb!

Right then I knew I wanted to help people realize their dream of living a healthier life, helping our fellow animals, and all the while improving the environment with as little muss and fuss as possible.

They could accomplish their dream by taking the first steps to establishing and strengthening their vegan lifestyle whether at home, at work or while on vacation.


The Right Path for You

From this mission, I developed an online program -

"The Vegan Journey: A Beginner's Pathway" for, vegan-wannabes and vegan-curious. It helps those just starting out on this path and are in virgin territory, or those who have been traveling it for a while but are struggling, to fulfill a desire, a hope, a dream to become healthier, kinder and more caring 

I would love to have you join me as together we increase your clarity, self-confidence and consistency in your vegan/plant-based lifestyle through education and support.

So, if you would like to take the next step in your life-changing journey and find out more, please click on the "The Vegan Support Pathway" on the menu above.  Thanks, Lou


I’m so grateful to Lou for offering her course, “The Vegan Journey: A Beginner’s Pathway”. It helped me realize that I don’t have to go “all or nothing”, but I can take my time to become a vegan/plant-based eater. Both the lessons and the group discussions gave me useful, tasty meal ideas that I can manipulate and make my own, thus ensuring that I will incorporate them into my weekly meal plans. I know I will be able to move forward in my journey with the increased confidence this course has given me.” Judith Pratt-Jefferies, Author and Learning Coach

"I'm in the process of going vegan and Lou offers a program called, “The Vegan Journey: A Beginner’s Pathway”. I decided to opt in and get some help. I am so glad I did. It was packed with information that was easy to follow. It increased my knowledge on what types and how much food I should eat as well as which foods are high in specific nutrients. I found easy to print shopping lists and food guides in the course.  If you want to eat healthy, vegan and whole foods is a great way to start and Lou can help you on your journey!  Check out her course - it will be worth your time!!" Laura V

"With Lou's excellent meal suggestions and tips on preparation, and one-on-one support, it was so much easier to have a healthier lifestyle. She helped me realized that while I'm in my nineties, you are never too old to change your ways and start living better, kinder. I can't thank her enough!" Dorothy H.

"With following the 5 B's Stepping Stones that Lou now uses in her course, "The Vegan Journey: A Beginner's Pathway", I was able to strengthen my commitment to my vegan lifestyle. Being a vegan has not always been easy. There were times when I was tempted to stray, but Lou's structured approach, methods and support made it easier for me to stay on course - I have been a dedicated vegan for a number of years now and I have Lou to thank!" Rob F.